VIDEO: Mascot Statue Dedication at Montford

Parents, students, and community members assembled at Montford Middle School on Thursday, April 26 to witness the dedication ceremony of the school’s mascot statue. However, this is no ordinary statue. The entire project took several years to complete and began with a massive portion of an oak tree that was estimated to weigh around 7 1/2 tons. The enormous tree was originally situated on Tharpe Street, just west of Levy Park. The tree died a few years back and was donated for this special undertaking. Extracting the tree and loading it onto a flatbed semi- trailer with a crane, required that two lanes of Tharpe Street be temporarily closed during a lengthy process that took nearly four hours. After another hour, the tree was safely delivered to Montford Middle School and once again unloaded using a crane.
The masterpiece was hand carved by Tallahassee’s native chainsaw artist, John Birch. Mr. Birch meticulously crafted the piece of art using a chainsaw. The finished project revealed four Mustang horses. Funding for the project was provided, by Robin and Teresa Winton, owners of Winton Test and Balance. Mr. and Mrs. Winton are Montford parents, and their business is a Montford partner for excellence.
Principal, Douglas Cook, expressed, “We certainly appreciate the Winton’s generous donation of this wonderful gift to our school. This beautiful mustang statue, which graces the entrance to Montford Middle School, will serve as a lasting legacy for all those who attend the school that Monford is truly the home of the mighty mustangs. “
The school will hold a contest, so that the students can name the statue in the coming weeks.